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5th Man Down

5th Man Down

The story of 5th Man Down began in 1998 – lead singer / guitarist Glen Korner and original bassist Chris Lewis began building the foundations with their mutual love of classic rock and the modern high-gain contemporary energy. The next member to jump aboard was guitarist Steve Clements, who felt the band was a good match for his own aspirations in the music business, shortly followed by drummer Ben Sleeman, a local music scene veteran. Together, they formed the band SON/R, in which they blended their various influences into a cohesive original sound. After several months of strenuous rehearsals, the band performed their first show at the legendary Cartoon in Croydon to an appreciative yet constructively critical audience.

Moving on, the band further refined their sound and style. Subsequently, the name SON/R was dropped and the name 5th Man Down was born. So the band entered Backtrack Studios in late 1999 for a weekend, and the first 5th Man Down demo was recorded. Unfortunately, due to musical differences between Chris and the rest of the band, Chris broke the news of his departure. Fortuitously, local bass player Russell Ark, a former musical associate of Ben, was able to step in, and with his versatile background and attitude, the band were able to press on. With a newly-acquired vigour, the band’s back catalogue took on a new edge, and several new tracks were born which revealed a more mature and aggressive sound while keeping the trademark melody and quirkiness.

The band returned to the live circuit in June 2000 with Russ on bass. At this time, plans were in motion to take the sound of 5th Man Down transatlantic to the huge rock audience of the USA. The band embarked on their tour of The East Coast USA in October 2000 to an awesome response in such well-known venues as The Melody Bar, Packee’s Pub and The Saint. Upon their return home, the band was convinced that the next step was to record a professionally produced EP – this became the “Pure” EP. The recording was a success, and the “Pure” EP was released to rave reviews in March 2001 and continues to sell.

Subsequently, the band honed their live show with many more gigs, and the band appeared twice on the Malcolm Dome show on Totalrock radio. Shortly after the band’s first appearance, the band decided to record their own debut album and so entered Dreamcatcher Studios in March 2002 to begin recorded “Are We Harmless?”, a diverse and powerful collection of contemporary hard rock songs. Also, the band produced a video clip for the track “I Cried”.

Upon completion of the album, the band started to promote the newly-recorded opus. One CD fell into the hands of the organisers of the Bloodstock heavy metal festival, and the band were asked to open the first night of the festival on the main stage in August 2003. The gig was a fantastic success, with many new converts made that night.

Casket got to hear the album and offered to release the record, and on June 28th ‘Are We Harmless’ will be made available to the masses.

5th Man Down have matured from local chancers into real contenders – they have the drive, talent and raw energy to succeed in the cut-throat music business. The band have a powerful commitment to each other and the music they play, and the live show emphasises this passion they have for the music they love.

  • Glen Korner - Vocals, Guitar
  • Steve Clements - Guitar
  • Russell Wark - Bass
  • Ben Sleeman - Drums

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5th Man Down's Record Releases

5th Man Down - Are We Harmless?
Are We Harmless? 1. Still
2. Wasted Time
3. I Cried
4. Silence
5. We Break Down
6. Why?
7. Feel
8. Who Am I?
9. Speak My Sanity
10. The Drift
11. You'll Never Find Me (Hidden Track)
Cat No: CSK030 - Released Worldwide: 28/06/2004 - CD
Buy 5th Man Down's - Are We Harmless? Online Now!


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